July 1, 2009

First, I'd like to point out a new page on the site (Who's Here link on top right) which has the names of Toledo and Detroit personalities who are pictured or have their names in the ads on this site. It's in alpahbetical order and I'll update it when necessary. I added 18 more ads today from September and October 1982. There's one new ad on the News/Special Reports Page from WXYZ for their coverage of The '82 Vote. On the channel 2 page you'll find another ad for Madame's Place with a picture of Judy Landers and one for the daytime talkers Tom Cottle and Phil Donahue. There are two ads (in one image) for Soap World on the channel 4 page. You can find an ad for Laverne & Shirley & Company and another PM Magazine ad on the channel 11 page and there's another 13Strong News ad on the channel 13 news page. There are two more ads on the channel 24 page, one for Mornings with Paul W. (Smith) and the other for the syndicated movie Shocktrauma. There are four more ads on the channel 50 page with the We Are Detroit theme. One is for the Saturday night line-up of Star Trek, The White Shadow, Solid Gold and Kung Fu. There's also one for CNN Headline News at 10PM. There's an ad for the premiere of Square Pegs with a young Sarah Jessica Parker on the CBS page and on the NBC page are ads for the premieres of Cheers and St. Elsewhere. Coming up next are ads for Good Afternoon Detroit, SCTV, new ads for the Pistons and Red Wings and more.