June 8, 2009

There are 24 additions today, all from September and October 1980. I added 4 combined ads for Godzilla Week on the 4:00 Movie to the Sci-Fi & Horror page. There's another channel 2 ad on the News/Special Reports page with Virgil Dominic and Don Paul. There are four new ads  on the channel 2 page for PM Magazine, Kidsworld Magazine, Morning Magazine and a week's worth of Rockford Files ads. There's also a PM Magazine ad on the channel 11 page (Paul Lynde). There's one addition to the channel 13 page for Barney Miller. I added three to the channel 20 page for Sonny & Cher look at the Rock 'n Roll Years, You Bet Your Life with Buddy Hackett and Suspense Theater. I added two 24 Toledo Coming On! ads to the channel 24 page, one for Carol Burnett and Friends and another one for The Benny Hill Show. There are six additions to the channel 50 page including a Solid Gold ad and two 10 O'Clock News ads (with Bill Jorgenson, Pat Harper and Steve Bosh). I also put an ad on the NBC page for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder (when Carson went from 90 to 60 minutes and Tomorrow went from 60 to 90 minutes). And finally there are two more on the Other Vintage Ads page. One is an Alcoa ad telling us where we can recycle aluminum cans in Toledo and Fostoria and the other is a Fotomat ad telling us they can transfer film and slides to videocassette. Coming soon: Joker's Wild lands on its third Toledo station and Election Day 1980.