June 6, 2009

I uploaded 20 more ads today from June and July 1980. There's a Kelly & Company ad which has both John Kelly and Marilyn Turner in it on the WXYZ page and there's a PM Magazine Special Edition: Mating and Dating in the '80s ad on the WTOL page. There are two ads for The News People on the channel 11 news page. There's two Is Your Vision 20/20? ads on the channel 20 page. One is for Dinah and Friends and one is for Rhoda. There's an ad on the channel 24 news page for Money Talks with Ed Knowles of People's Savings. On the channel 50 page is a Gold Medal Games ad, a Summer Fun Tonight ad (I Love Lucy, Bob Newhart and M*A*S*H) and another one for I Love Lucy with Desi Arnaz. You'll find two more channel 7 Special Reports ads on the News/Special Reports page. One promotes the roudtable discussion on Detroit's underperforming pro teams with Bill Bonds, Dave Diles, Vince Doyle, Joe Falls and Edgar Hayes at the Lindell A.C. On the NBC page is an ad for the premiere of The David Letterman Show which aired weekday mornings and on the CBS page is an ad for Guiding Light (then the best daytime drama on television, now cancelled by CBS. And finally on the Other Vintage Ads page is an ad for King's Island.