June 30, 2009

On this last day of June I have 17 more ads from August and September 1982. Seven of them can be found on the WJBK page. There are ads for Eight is Enough, You Asked for It, Madame's Place, Family Feud and PM Magazine Detroit (now hosted by Gary Cubberley and Mattie Majors). There's another PM Magazine ad on the WTOL page with Toledo radio's Jack Mitchell. There's an ad on the channel 13 news page with Frank Venner, Jerry Anderson, Stan Stachak and John Gillespie (the team to watch) and there are two ads for the premiere of Laugh Trax, one on the channel 20 page and one on the channel 24 page. You'll find an ad for People's Court (now five-days-a-week) on the WXYZ page (channel 7 is no longer running different shows every night at 7:30). There are two "poker hand" ads for channel 50's weeknight lineup of Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley & Co., M*A*S*H and Three's Company on the WKBD page and there's an ad for "The Reivers" with Steve McQueen on the channel 50 movie page. I also posted an ad for Rod's Western Palace on the Other Vintage Ads page. Up next: Ads for the premieres of Square Pegs, Cheers, St. Elsewhere, CNN Headline News on channel 50 and more.