June 28, 2009

I added 21 more ads today, from May 10 to July 1, 1982. There are five additional ads on the News/Special Reports page. There are three from channel 7 for reports by Joe Spencer, Tim Fritz and Bill Bonds and there are two WTVG ads for reports by Tom Waniewski and Mike O'Mara. There's another Charlie's Angels ad on the WJBK page and there's an ad for Healthbeat: First Aid for Summer with Dr. Timothy Johnson on the WXYZ page. You can find four more PM Magazine ads on the WTOL page, including one with Toledo's Commercial Funnymen, Bob Martz and Terry Shaw. There's and ad for Entertainment Tonight with Dixie Whatley and Ron Hendren on the channel 13 page and there's an ad for the premiere of Sports Illustrated: A Series for Television on the WDHO page. There are three new ads on the WKBD page for M*A*S*H and Hogan's Heroes, Benny Hill and Comedy Classics (The Three Stooges with Moe Howard) and one for Battlestar Gallactica, which channel 50 showed for two hours on Thursday nights. There are also four more ads on the channel 50 Movie Page for "At War with the Army" with Martin and Lewis, "Lady Sings the Blues" with Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams, "The Italian Job" with Michael Caine and "Firecreek" with Henry Fonda and James Stewart. Coming up next are more ads from the summer of 1982 including one for "Revenge of the Creature" in 3-D Horrorscope on channel 2.