June 27, 2009

There are only fourteen additional ads today, all from May 1982. There's and ad for Bonanza with a picture of Lorne Greene on the channel 9 page and there are two more 4 O'Clock Movie ads on the channel 7 page. One is for "Magnum Force" with Clint Eastwood and the other is for "Blue Hawaii" with Elvis Presley. With The 4 O'Clock Movie only being an hour long now, they showed "Magnum Force" in two parts but cut up "Blue Hawaii" to fit it into a one hour presentation. Also on the WXYZ page is an ad for John and Marilyn go to Pine Valley. There are two more PM Magazine ads on the channel 11 page, one for a segment in Bowling Green with Scott Hamilton. There are two more ads on the channel 13 news page, one with Jera  Jackson and the other with Jerry Anderson. There are two more channel 7 ads on the News/Special Reports page. One is for a Robbie Timmons report on "Hidden Resources" and the other is for a Bill Bonds Special Report on shocktrauma. There's an ad for the world television premiere of A Woman Called Golda on the channel 50 page and there are two more ads on the channel 50 Movie Page for "Shaft's Big Score" and "Chinatown." And you'll find another Battle of the Network Stars ad on the ABC page. Note: As of the May 8-14, 1982 edition of TV Guide, Ohio stores no longer carried the Detroit edition. We now got the dreaded Toledo-Lima edition. It didn't carry ads for the Detroit stations and had more channels in it that Toledo could not receive than it could. Subscribers could get the Detroit edition, but I don't have any for May 15 - June 18, 1982. So for at least four weeks I'll be missing those ads.