June 25, 2009

You'll find 18 additional ads today, from February and March 1982. There are five more ads on the News/Special Reports page, two from WTVG and three from WXYZ. Both channel 7 and channel 13 have ads for stories dealing with retirement, the WTVG report by Jim Rudes and the WXYZ report by Ven Marshall. The other 13 ad is for a Brenda Hines story on preventing fires. The other WXYZ ads are for a Steve Handelsman report on Who Rules Detroit and a Bill Bonds Special Report on Detroit's Police Gang Squads. There's an ad on the channel 4 News Page for the Weather Watch 4 computerized weather center. On the channel 7 page is an ad for 79 Park Avenue  and Think About It, a special which aired on 3/8/82. There are two more PM Magazine ads on the WTOL page, one for a story on WBNO in Bryan, America's first solar-powered radio station. The subscription tv battle continues with another ad for ON on the channel 20 page and another ad for it on the channel 31 page. You can find another ad for Paul Rae on the channel 24 News Page. There are two more channel 50 movie ads with an ad for "Carrie" on the Sci-Fi & Horror Movies page and an ad for "Kid Galahad" on the channel 50 Movie Page. On the ABC page are three ads (in one image) for the Police Squad premiere and on the NBC page is an ad for the premiere of Chicago Story with Dennis Franz playing one of his many roles as a cop. And on the Other Vintage Ads Page is an ActiVison ad for the game Stampede which was available at the Lion Store, Woodville Appliance, Rink's and Macy's in Toledo. Coming up next are more ads from March and April 1982.