June 24, 2009

I added another 24 files today from January and February 1982. I added three WXYZ ads to the News/Special Reports page. One is for a Jerry Stanecki report on survivalists which used the same picture that was used in an ad for a 4/26/76 report on The New Arms Race. There are also two ads for a two-part Bill Bonds Special Report story on young prostitutes. I added three WKBD ads to the Sci-Fi & Horror Movies page for movies derived from The Amazing Spider-man series starring Nicholas Hammond. There's an ad for Live at Five on the WJBK News page and there's an ad for The Merv Show on the channel 2 page. I posted an ad for Entertainment Tonight with a picture of Soupy Sales on the channel 4 page and there are three more ads on the channel 7 page. Two are ads for the 4 O'Clock Movie and one is for a John Kelly-Marilyn Turner special on preparations for the 1982 Superbowl in Pontiac. There are two more PM Magazine ads on the channel 11 page and on the channel 24 page there's an ad for the 2/3/82 basketball game with Western Michigan at Bowling Green as well as another A.M. Magazine ad. There are two more ads on the channel 50 movie page for "Bus Riley's Back in Town" with Ann-Margret and "Bullitt" with Steve McQueen. You'll also find an ad for Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter and one for The Bob Newhart Show with a picture of the cast on the channel 50 page. There's also an ad for M*A*S*H and the 2/5/82 Pistons-Bulls game. You can find an ad for the premiere of Late Night with David Letterman on the NBC page and on The Other Vintage Ads page are two new ads. One is for the 1982 Detroit Auto Show at Cobo Hall and the other is for records and tapes by Slim Whitman, Boxcar Willie, Jim Nabors, Kate Smith, Guy Lombardo and Christie Lane. Coming next: ads for 1982 February sweeps and the premiere of Police Squad.