June 22, 2009

There are 19 additions today from November and December 1981. On the channel 4 page there's an ad for The Dick Purtan Comedy Special which aired on December 2, 1981. It was a video version of his CKLW radio show with parter Tom Ryan. It also had Mel Farr and Bill Kennedy. On the channel 7 page is an ad for the 4:00 Movie presentation of the mini-series Aspen. There are two ads (in one image) for Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving  with Michael Young and Santa's Thanksgiving Parade with John Kelly and Marilyn Turner. On  the channel 11 page are two more ads for The Million Dollar 4:00 Movie and another PM Magazine ad. On the channel 31 page is another ad for it subscription television. There's an ad for M*A*S*H at 11PM on the channel 50 page and there are four more ads on the channel 50 movie page for "The Deer Hunter" which was shown uncut in two parts, "White Lightning" with Burt Reynolds, "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Rescue From Gilligan's Island." On the News/Special Reports page there are three more ads. There's a WTOL report on singles by Rebecca Hanshaw and two WXYZ ads for reports on astrology and oil in Michigan. There are two more ads on the ABC page, one for Luke and Laura's wedding on General Hospital (with Elizabeth Taylor) and an ad for the premiere of Darkroom. And finally, there are two ads for video games on the Other Vintage Ads page. One is for ActiVison Fishing Derby (at Highland Appliance) and the other is for an Atari sale at Musicland. Up next: Channel 24 bowl games, Starsky & Hutch on 20, Action News 5PM on 7 and more movie ads.