June 21, 2009

I uploaded 21 more ads today from October and November 1981. There are five additions to the News/Special Reports page: A Jill Olmsted 5-part series on stress, a Terry Thill series on taxes and a Bob Lawrence series on people carrying weapons are three WTOL ads and from WXYZ are two ads, a Dr. Gail Parker series of reports on the art of self-discovery and a Jerry Hodak series on health. There's 2 more channel 7 movie ads on the WXYZ page for "Dirty Harry" and Bonnie & Clyde." There are 2 more PM Magazine ads on the channel 11 page including one with Jamie Farr and The Big Show becomes The Million Dollar 4:00 Movie with two ads for another Elvis Presley week and another Star Trek week. You'll find another A.M. Magazine with Paul W. Smith ad on the WDHO page and three more movie ads on the WKBD movie page for "Barefoot in the Park," "Death Wish" and "Big Jake." There's an ad for In Search Of and Goliath Awaits on the channel 50 page as well. I put an ad for the "Halloween" TV premiere (on NBC) on the Sci-Fi & Horror Movies page and there's an ad telling us to mail early for Christmas on the Other Vintage Ads page. I also put two ads on the ABC page. One is for the American Bandstand 30th. Anniverary Special and the other is for the Wednesday night shows, The Greatest American Hero and The Fall Guy. Up next: Luke and Laura get married, channel 50 shows "The Deer Hunter" uncut and ActiVision games at Highland Appliance.