June 19, 2009

I added 23 more ads today from August and September 1981. There are three more WXYZ ads on the News/Special Reports page. All are Bill Bonds Special Reports dealing with pornography, pay-tv pirates and the Thomas Hearns - Sugar Ray Leonard fight. There are six more ads on the channel 7 page for fall 1981 shows. There's one for the Belle Isle Children's Immunization Fair, one for one for John and Mariyln Go Hollywood II (John Kelly and Marilyn Turner) and one each for the 7:30PM shows, Michigan's Family Outdoors with Jerry Chiapettta, The People's Court, Omni, the New Frontier and Where Were You? (with a picture of The Beatles). There's an ad for The Muppet Show and PM Magazine Detroit on the channel 2 page. On the WTOL page you'll find three more PM Mgazine ads. There's an ad for The Little Rascals, The Bionic Woman, Sha Na Na! and Baretta on the channel 20 page. There are two more ads for it on the channel 31 page and there's another Hour Magazine ad on the WDHO page. You'll find an ad on the channel 50 page for Dr. Snuggles and two ads for their fall 1981 weeknight shows. There are two more CBET ads on the channel 9 page. One for Showtime, now at noon and another two-page ad for various shows including Hawaii Five-0, Grizzly Adams and Bonanza. And on the ABC page is an ad for the season premiere of Fridays which has pics of the cast members including Michael Richards and Larry David. Coming up: Stan Stachak with a mustache, more movie ads and PM Magazine goes to Bowling Green, Defiance and Put-InBay.