June 18, 2009

There are 23 additions today from June, July and August 1981. I added two 25th anniversary ads, one for Captain Kangaroo on the CBS page and one for Bill Kennedy on the channel 50 movie page. There are two more movie ads there as well. There are two additional ads on the channel 9 page, one for The British Comedy Hour and one for their Showtime 2PM movies. You'll find two more ads for The Big Show and four more PM Magzine ads on the channel 11 page. There's an ad with Randy Price and John Chancellor on the channel 13 news page and another ad for it Subscription Television on the channel 31 page. There are six additional channel 7 ads on the News/ Special Reports page and there are two more ads on the Other Vintage Ads page. One is for the USO 40th Anniversary and there's a two-page Cedar Point ad. By the way the Aug. 1-7, 1981 issue of TV Guide was the last issue that used staples. Coming next are more ads from August and September 1981.