June 17, 2009

I added 21 ads today from May and June 1981. I added three channel 7 ads to the News/Special Reports page dealing with the weather, backaches and the mentally ill. I posted an ad for The Rockford Files and Maude on the WJBK page and you'll find another Eyewitness News ad on the channel 2 news page with Charlie Cain, Joe Weaver, Woody Willis and Nancy McCauley. There's an ad for Adventure Week on The Big Show on the WTOL page and there are three more ads for ON-TV on the channel 20 page. I also added another ad for it on the channel 31 page. There are two additions to the channel 24 page. One is for Hour Magazine with Gary Collins and the other one is for The Blue Jean Network premiere. There's an ad for The Girl, The Gold Watch and Dynamite, The Best of Benny Hill special, the Kung Fu, Hogan's Heroes and M*A*S*H line-up and another one for Hogan's Heroes on the channel 50 page and there are five more 8 O'Clock Movie ads on the channel 50 Movie page. Coming next: more ads from the summer of '81.