June 12, 2009

There are 21 additions today, all from January 1981. I added another category of ads today for Ann Arbor's channel 31. On that page you'll find a WRHT logo and two ads for it subscription tv. There's an ad for The Making of Beatlemania special on the WXYZ page and there's a Weekend with the Stars Telethon for Cerebral Palsy ad on the channel 9 page. I added another channel 11 News People ad on their news page. I added two more to the channel 20 page. One is for The Mike Douglas Show and one is for The New Candid Camera. There's a More Fun in '81 ad and an ad for the January 28, 1981 UT Rockets at BGSU Falcons basketball game on the WDHO page. You'll find a Welcome Back, Kotter ad, a Kung Fu ad and a Country Countdown 1980 ad with Dolly Parton on the WKBD page and I also added two more to the channel 50 movie page. I added two more ads with plenty of cleavage to the ABC page, another one for Barney Miller and It's a Living and one for The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. There are three more on the NBC page. One for the series premiere of Flamingo Road, one for the premiere of Hill Street Blues and one for The Bob Hope 30th Anniversary Special. And finally there's one more on the Other Vintage Ads page for TV Guide's listings for On-TV. Coming next: February 1981 sweeps ads.