June 1, 2009

24 additions today from December 1979 - February 1980. I added three to the News/Special Reports page, one with Bill Bonds and two from WTOL. I added 2 more to the WXYZ news page, a Good Morning Detroit ad to the WJBK news page and three more to the WTOL news page. There's one addition each to the channel 9 and 13 pages. I added two to the channel 24 page and three to the channel 20 page (including an Addams Family ad and one for the Bowery Boys). There's another Red Wings ad and a M*A*S*H ad on the WKBD page. I added an ad for the January 1980 daytime shows on the CBS page and one for the premiere of Skag on the NBC page. There's a three-page ad (in two parts) for Tenspeed and Brown Shoe on the ABC page and on the Other Vintage Ads page is another Fotmat ad with the prices of Beta and VHS tapes dropping. Coming soon: ads for Charleton Heston Week, Happy Days Again and Maude.