May 29, 2009

I added 23 more ads today from September and October 1979. There are two more PM Magazine ads on the WJBK page. There are three ads for the game show, Three's a Crowd on the channel 4 page and one on the channel 24 page. I added another Action news ad (with LeGoff, Biscoe, Adderly and Hodak) on the channel 7 news page. On the channel 9 page you'll find another ad for the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I added two more ads to the WTOL page for The Match Game/Joker's Wild and for an episode of The Baxters. I added a few more to the channel 13 page for their late-afternoon and early evening shows. There are four more ads on the channel 20 page (with pics by Eric Seltzer). One is for the New Soupy Sales Show. On the channel 50 page you'll find one for Dinah and Friends and two for Make Me Laugh and Benny Hill. There's a couple of network ads as well. One is on the NBC page for the Rockford Files episode with Mariette Hartley, who was doing Polaroid commercials with James Garner around that time and the other (on the CBS page) is for the CBS 2-part movie "Flesh and Blood." And on the Other Vintage Ads page you'll find one for the Norwood XLP 24-hour cassette recorder/player which was used for listening to entire novels on tape.