May 28, 2009

I added 27 more ads today from July-September, 1979. There's an ad for the TV premiere of "Animal Crackers" starring the Marx Brothers on the CBS page. I find it hard to believe that this movie wasn't shown on TV until 1979. There are ten more channel 50 ads: 2 on the movie page and eight more on the main channel 50 page including some more Festival of Television ads and ads for Happy Days Again and M*A*S*H. There are five more on the channel 13 page for Happy Days Again; M*A*S*H; Jim Rockford, Private Investigator (Rockford Files) and one for a Father John Powell three-part special. There are four more ads on the channel 11 news page including one for the arrival of metorologist Charles Merlin Umpenhour. There are two more on the channel 24 news page as well. I added another PM Magazine ad to the channel 2 page and there are four more channel 9 ads, including three Mary Tyler Moore ads. Coming soon: Superman and Benny Hill.