May 27, 2009

24 additional ads today from May-July, 1979. I added seven channel 50 ads: One for an encore showing of Scared Straight; three more Make Me Laugh ads with Henny Youngman, Mike Binder and James Doohan; a Detroit Express ad; one for the premiere of the Comedy Shop with Norm Crosby; another Festival of Televison ad and on the channel 50 movie page an ad for John Wayne in "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon." I added two ads for "The Rebels" premiere, one on the channel 2 page and one on the channel 24 page where you'll also find another Carol Burnett ad. You'll find another 4:00 Movie ad (Mystery Week) and one for the premiere of Saturday Night with Dr. Sonya Friedman on the channel 7 page and two more channel 7 news ads on the News/Special Reports page. There's another Make Me Laugh ad on the channel 11 page and another ad for The Big Show as well. I added three more on the channel 11 news page, one with Joe Ashton, one with Orris Tabner and one with Jeff Heitz, now hosting Hotline. There are two more on the 13 news page and one more on the channel 2 news page (Timmons, Glover, Payne and Gallagher). And finally there's an ad with Red Skelton promoting House of Windsor Cigars on the Other Vintage Ads page.

I also added another link (bottom right side of page) for the Cleveland Classic Media site. If you've never been there, check it out.