May 25, 2009

I added 21 more ads today from February-April 1979. On the News Page there's two channel 7 additions. One is for "Friends of the Court" with Diana Lewis and the other is for a "We Want to Know" special about inflation with Bill Bonds. On the channel 7 page is an ad and TV Guide close-up description of Detroit's first Emmy Awards on April 14, 1979. There's another Big Show ad with Elvis Presley and a Crosswits ad with Jamie Farr on the channel 11 page and three more ads with Heitz, Tabner and Aston on the 11 News page. Look for an ad for Scared Straight on the channel 50 page and three more WXON ads on the channel 20 page. I added five more to the channel 24 page as well and there's one for "The Jericho Mile" on the ABC page. And finally there are three more on the Other Vintage Ads page including one for a 1979 car phone. Coming next: May 1979 Sweeps ads.