May 24, 2009

I hope you're all enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend. I uploaded 28 more ads today from January and February 1979. There are four additions to the News Page, all from WXYZ. There's a new one for Ape Week on the Sci-Fi & Horror Movie page and one for The Dukes of Hazard premiere on the CBS page. There's one for The Next Step Beyond on the channel 24 page and another one for 24 Eyewitness News on the 24 News page. You'll find seven more Toledo Eleven News ads on the 11 News page. There are three ads for Make Me Laugh, two on the channel 11 page and one on the channel 50 page. Also on the channel 50 page are three college basketball ads (one with Magic Johnson) and one for the WKBD premiere of Upstairs, Downstairs. On the channel 2 page I added one for the premiere of Edward the King. There's one for Match Game PM on the channel 7 page along with three more 4:00 Movie ads including another one for Elvis Week. Coming soon: Scared Straight, "The Jericho Mile" and the first annual Detroit Emmy Awards.