May 22, 2009

I added 27 more ads today from Novemer 27, 1978 to January 1, 1979. There are four additions to the Other Vintage Ads page including one for Beta and VHS tapes at Fotomat. There's one for The Andromeda Strain on the Big Show on the Horror/Sci-Fi Movies page. There are three more Toledo Eleven news ads and another Toledo Goaldiggers ad, another Big Show ad and two holiday ads on the channel 11 page. There's one for the premiere of the White Shadow on the CBS page. There's one for Carol Burnett and Friends on the channel 2 page and one for the Glover/Gallagher Report on the channel 2 news page. There are four more WKBD ads including ads for Michigan and Michigan State basketball games and one for the Joe Oteri Show (yet another attempt to replace Lou Gordon) and one for "Christmas in Connecticut" on the 50 movie page. You'll find one for the channel 13 news team (December 1978) with Gordon Ward, Frank Gilhooley, Frank Venner, Jim Mengel, Jennifer Blome and Randy Price on the channel 13 news page. There are two more Sunday Movie 4 ads on the channel 4 page and three more ads on the channel 24 page.