May 21, 2009

I added 26 more ads today from November 1978 and split the channel 50 ads into two pages, one just for movies and I added an ad for "The Birds" to the channel 50 movie page. I added five more to the News page dealing with CPR, learning disabilities, headaches. prescription drug abuse and fund raising. There are three more on the channel 4 news page for Sonny Eliot, Mort Crim and David Wittman. There are three ads for the "Sunday Movie 4" on the channel 4 page. On the channel 7 page there's another Elvis Week on the 4:00 Movie ad, a Sha Na Na ad and one for the The Magic Balloon Special which was filmed at the Detroit Zoological Park in 1978. On the channel 11 news page you'll find two ads with Jan Skunda and Joe Ashton (Winter's Coming). I added two more Big Show ads, one on the channel 11 page for two Warren Beatty movies and one on the Horror/Sci-Fi Movie page for Godzilla week. There's one addition to the channel 2 news page with Joe Glover and another PM Magazine ad on the channel 2 page. I added three to the channel 24 page, another Battle of the Planets ad, one for the premier of The Immigrants and one for the Jeannie Conroy Thanksgiving Special which was sponsored by Lane's Drug Stores. And there is an ad for Diff'rent Strokes with Gary Coleman on the NBC page.