May 20, 2009

The 1978 election is the subject of many of today's 17 uploads. There are three additions to the News page from WXYZ about compulsive eating, the '78 election and the big business of sports. There's an Election '78 ad on the channel 2 news page featuring Cronkite-Glover-Payne-Greene and there's also an ad for PM Magazine at the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the channel 2 page. I added to the channel 4 page with an ad for In Search of...the Great Lakes Triangle. There's an ad for Rich Man, Poor Man on the channel 7 page and also one on the channel 11 page. Other channel 11 additions: An Brady Bunch/MTM ad, another Mary Tyler Moore ad, and two more Big Show ads, one for Elvis Week and one for "When Movies Were Movies." Billy Carter visits Hee Haw in an ad on the channel 50 page along with two Pink Panther election night ads. I also added a WKBD ad to the Horror/Sci-Fi page for "Brides of Dracula." And there's an ad for the channel 24 election night movie presentation of "How the Wet Was Won."