May 18, 2009

24 additions today from September 1978 including two "shiny pages" adds on the Other Vintage Ads page: one for RCA SelectaVision and one in color for Atari. There's another fair ad on the channel 11 page along with two others featuring the Brady Bunch and Mary Tyler Moore. There are two more game show ads on the channel 13 page and and ad for Battle of the Planets on the channel 24 page. I added yet another Bowling for Dollars ad to the channel 4 page along with one for the Dating Game and one for Mort Crim joining News 4. There are two additions to the WGPR page. One is for Gospel Time and one for the New Zoo Revue. There is one new ad on the channel 20 page featuring five shows in their fall line-up. I added a channel 50 ad to the Sci-Fi & Horror Movies page for "The Shop of Little Horrors." On the channel 50 page you'll find an ad for "I Died a Thousand Times" on Bill Kennedy at the Movies on Saturday. There's also an ad with Johnny Weismuller in "Tarzan and His Mate." There are three ads for PM Magazine on the channel 2 page. You can see two more ads on the ABC page, one for the premiere of Taxi and one for the premiere of the original Battlestar Gallactica and there is one more on the NBC page (part of the NBC/See Us campaign) for the 25th anniversary of the Wonderful World of Disney.

I also changed the channel 11 page into two galleries, one gallery for news ads only. I also organized the other channel 11 gallery in chronolgical order.

UPDATE: I also did the same thing to the following pages: 4, 13 and 24. The channel 7 page and maybe the channel 50 page will also be changed in the same way. I also moved the WXON-TV 62 page to the new 20 & 62 WXON-TV page (two galleries).