May 17, 2009

21 additions today from July and August 1978:  WJBK-TV turns 30. "We've seen it all together for 30 years." There's a channel 2 ad for "Women: Getting it Together" and "A Time of Crisis" on the News page. A 2 Together ad and PM Magazine ad on the channel 2 page. On the channel 4 page you'll find another ad for This Morning (now at 10) and one for Michigame with Tom Ryan. Toledo Eleven goes to the fair five times on the channel 11 page. There are ads for Crosswits, The Hudson Brothers, The Six Million Dollar Man and Evening in Byzantium on the channel 24 page. I added an ABC World News Tonight ad to the ABC page. There are several additions to the channel 50 page. "Citizen Kane" and Shirley Temple in "The Story of Seabiscuit" are the new movie ads. There's two for Hot City Disco, one with Aretha Franklin. And there's one with Mike Wendland ( who hosted The Wendland File on August 13, 1978. I also added another Auction Movie ad to the WGPR page.