May 14, 2009

I uploaded 26 more ads today. There are three more on the News page and I added another TV2 Prime Time Movie ad, a TV2 news ad with Beverly Payne, Joe Glover and Walter Cronkite and one for the premiere of America 2-Night with Martin Mull on the channel 2 page. There's another Bowling for Dollars ad, a Detroit Tigers ad and one for the first anniversary of This Morning on the channel 4 page. I added another to the channel 9 page for The Odd Couple and MTM. There are some more channel 11 ads: one for All in the Family and Match Game, some more ads for The Big Show and one for Jump Into Spring at the Toledo Sports Arena. I added another 24 News ad, a Comedy Classics ad and one for the premiere of America 2-Night to the channel 24 page. There's an ad for a Metric Conversion Calculator on the Other Vintage ads page and another 700 Club ad on the channel 20 page and another ad for Dallas on the CBS page. I added an ad for TV50 News Scene with Byron MacGregor and some more channel 50 movie ads to the WKBD page.

Just to let you know, anyone can leave comments, suggestions or even requests in the comment section below.

Coming soon: Marx Brothers, Don Imus and Festival of Television.