Dec. 27, 2009: The Greatest Movie Since Star Wars

There are 18 additions today from June - September 1979. The channel 7 gallery has one for the premiere of Family Feud with Richard Dawson (Monday and Wednesday at 7:30) and one for the season premiere of Match Game PM with Abigail Van Buren. The channel 9 gallery has one for The Six Million Dollar Man, the channel 11 gallery has one for "Girls! Girls! Girls!" on The Big Show and the channel 13 gallery has one for M*A*S*H. The channel 50 gallery has another one for Sanford & Son with Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson and the channel 50 movie gallery has one for "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone" with Warren Beatty on Bill Kennedy at the Movies. The ABC gallery has one for an ABC News Closeup special called 'Battleground Washington: Politics of Pressure' which looked at the impact of lobbyists on Capitol Hill. It looks like it's the same old story today. There are three other ABC ads too, one for the premiere of Benson (Robert Guillaume), one for the season premiere of 20/20 (What Really Killed Elvis?) and one for the second season premiere of Mork & Mindy with Pam Dawber & Robin Williams. The CBS gallery has one for Universe with Walter Cronkite, one for a special, Dr. Seuss on the Loose and one for the season premieres of WKRP in Cincinnati and Lou Grant. The NBC gallery has one for the premiere of The Facts of Life and one for "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" (a two-hour movie which was the pilot for the series) billed by NBC as "The Greatest Movie Since Star Wars." There's also one in the Random Pages gallery. It's a TV Guide page with listings from Sunday 6/24/79. Shows include Hee Haw Honeys, Wagon Train, Minority Report, Star Trek, Hotline, The Beachcombers and Space: 1999.