Nov. 9, 2009: The Irish Hillbillies

There are 18 additions today from May-July 1974. There's one ad in the Other Vintage Ads Gallery with coupons to six different locations in the Irish Hills, including Frontier City and Stagecoach Stop. The Random Pages Galley has a page from the July 20-26, 1974 issue of TV Guide which has a close-up for a CBS Reports program on Space: A Report to the Stockholders, hosted by Walter Cronkite. There's one in the channel 11 gallery for To Tell the Truth and there are two ads in the channel 4 gallery for a special on drug abuse called Dead is Dead which was written, produced and narrated by Godfrey Cambridge and was sponsored by...    Cunningham Drug Stores. The channel 2 gallery has three ads for movies, one for "Promise Her Anything" and two for The Wild World of Wilderness, "World Safari" and "North Country." The channel 7 gallery has ads for the movies, "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold" (Richard Burton), "The Forgotten Man" (Dennis Weaver) and "Conratulations, It's a Boy." The channel 50 gallery has two more ads for The Lou Gordon Program, one with burlesque queen Blaze Starr and one with Washington Post Watergate reporters, Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward. There's also ads for Future Shock, a special narrated by Orson Welles, The Merv Griffin Show (Richard Burton & Lee Marvin), The Untouchables and a World Football League game (NY Stars at Philadelphia Bells). And in the PBS gallery, there's an ad for On the Road with Duke Ellington, a 1967 show which PBS aired on 6/24/74, a month after his death.