Nov. 30, 2009: Elvis Presley 1935-1977

You'll find 20 additional ads today, all from October 1977. Seven are Elvis Presley ads (following his 8/16/77 death). The first one is in the CBS gallery for Elvis in Concert, which was recorded two months before he died. It aired on Monday 10/3/77 at 8PM. Below the close-up description for that special was a channel 50 ad for "Wild in the Country" on the Eight O'Clock Movie (in the channel 50 movie gallery). If you turned the page past the CBS ad there was a two-page ad for the two-record set, The Elvis Presley Story. In the same issue there was and ad for The Donny and Marie Show (saluting Elvis). It can be found in the ABC gallery. And on the next two pages was an ad for The Elvis Presely Memorial Book of Days (posters). There are two more Elvis merchandise ads (all four can be found in the Other Vintage Ads gallery), one for the Elvis Presely Commemorative Book and one for a two-record set of Christmas and Gospel songs sung by Elvis. You'll also find these other ads: In the channel 2 gallery there are ads for Tattletales, Family Feud, The New Truth or Consequences, $100,000 Name That Tune, Wild, Wild World of Animals and $25,000 Pyramid. The channel 7 gallery has two ads for Hollywood Squares and another one for Match Game PM. The channel 50 gallery has one for Space: 1999 with Barbara Bain and Martin Landau. There's also another one in the CBS gallery for the season premiere of M*A*S*H and the series premiere of Lou Grant and there's one in the NBC gallery for The Muhammed Ali-Earnie Shavers World Heavyweight Championship Fight on 9/29/77. You can also search the site for more Elvis movies (top of page).