Nov. 18, 2009: Luke, Largo & Holiday Specials

There are 20 additional ads today from November and December 1975. The channel 7 gallery has ads for Match Game PM (Gene Rayburn, Brett Sommers, Charles Nelson Reilly & Richard Dawson), High Rollers, The Price is Right, Let's Make a Deal, "Cool Hand Luke" (Paul Newman) and "The Blue Max" (Go Blue!!). The channel 50 gallery has ads for Sharks...Into the Jaws (special), The Lou Gordon Program (with F. Lee Bailey discussing Patty Hearst) and Dinah! (with guest Sammy Davis, Jr.) and the channel 50 Movie Gallery has one for "Key Largo" on Movie Greats. The ABC gallery has two ads for The Edge of Night (moving from CBS to ABC) and one for Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus. The CBS gallery has one for the 1975 All-American Thanksgiving Day Parade, a full-page ad for As the World Turns (expanding to an hour), another full-page ad for All in the Family (weekdays at 3PM), one for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and one for two more specials, Merry Christmas, Fred, from the Crosbys (with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby) and The Lucille Ball Special (with Jackie Gleason). The PBS gallery has one for Soundstage (with Martin Mull) on channel 56 and the Other Vintage Ads Gallery has one for Meijer Thrifty Acres selling 2-LP sets of oldies for $2.99 each.