Nov. 13, 2009: Dinah & Lola

There are 18 additons today from October and November 1974. In the channel 2 gallery there are two ads for The Phil Donahue Show (in Detroit), one with former GM president Ed Cole and consumer advocate Ralph Nader and on with Milton Berle. There's also ad ad for The Mike Douglas Show with five game show hosts. The channel 7 gallery has six movie ads and one for Rainbow Sundae's Over 7. The movie ads are for Dean Martin Week on The 4:30 Movie ("Marraige on the Rocks" and "4 for Texas"), "Robin and the Seven Hoods" (Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Frank Sinatra), Steve McQueen Week on The 4:30 Movie ("The Thomas Crown Affair," "Honeymoon Machine" and "The Cincinnati Kid"), "The Sand Pebbles" (Steve McQueen), "The Blue Max" and "The Liberation of L.B. Jones" (Lola Falana). The channel 50 gallery has two more ads for The Lou Gordon Program, one with Sander Levin and Governor William Milliken debating and one for two shows with Chad Everett and Dick Cavett. There's also a full-page ad for the premiere of Dinah! (Dinah Shore). There's one in the ABC gallery for another Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau Special and there's one in the CBS gallery for Rhoda and Joe's wedding on Rhoda. The NBC gallery has one for NBC's Decision '74 election coverage with John Chancellor, David Brinkley, Barbara Walters, Jim Hartz, Tom Brokaw and Edwin Newman and the PBS gallery has one for Upstairs, Downstairs. The last one is a Doan Report in the Random Pages gallery with storys on Saturday morning live action shows beating cartoons in the ratings and more midseason replacement shows.