Nov. 10, 2009: The Network of the New

There are 16 additions today from July-September, 1974. The channel 4 gallery has one ad for it's five 7:30PM shows: Hollywood Squares (Peter Marshall), Wildlife Theatre, Masquerade Party, Jeopardy (Art Fleming) and Candid Camera (Alan Funt). The channel 7 gallery also has ads for three of its 7:30 shows, Salty, The Price is Right (Dennis James) and Name That Tune (Tom Kennedy).There are also ads for the movies, "Slay Ride" (compilation of episodes of Cade's County with Glenn Ford), "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "Sergeant Deadhead" (Frankie Avalon). There are two ads for the game show Dealer's Choice, one in the channel 24 gallery and one in the channel 50 gallery. There's also another ad for The Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon in the WKBD gallery. The ABC gallery has one for the premiere of Get Christie Love with Teresa Graves and in the NBC gallery there are three 'The Network of the New!' ads. One is for The NBC World Premire Movie "Born Innocent" with Linda Blair, one is for an episode of Police Story with Ed Asner and the last one is for the series premiere of Little House on the Prairie. There's also a close-up program description in the Random Pages gallery for a rerun of the Police Story episode "The Gamble" which was the pilot for Police Woman with Angie Dickinson. Up next: more from the fall of 1974.