October 28, 2009: Land of the Giants

There are 20 additions today from June-August 1973. The channel 2 gallery has two Mike Douglas Show ads, one with Sally Struthers and one with Ted Knight and the channel 4 gallery has one for The George Pierrot Show. There's one in the channel 7 gallery for The New Price is Right and there's one in the channel 50 gallery for The Merv Griffin Show. The channel 9 gallery has nine more movie ads for "Blue Skies" & "Harvey" (James Stewart), "Tickle Me" (Elvis Presley) & "Counterpoint," and seven more for Tarzan movies, "Tarzan's New Adventure," "Tarzan and the Green Goddess," "Tarzan;s Desert Mystery," "Tarzan's Triumphs," "Tarzan's New York Adventure," "Tarzan the Fearless" and "Tarzan and the Lost Safari." The channel 20 gallery has one for Stagecoach West, one for Land of the Giants and one for The Monroes. There's one in the ABC gallery for Good Vibrations from Central Park, a special featuring Sly and the Family Stone and in the Random Pages Gallery there's a 6/19/73 page with a close-up for American Bandstand's 20th Anniversary and a two pages with 8/21/73 daytime lisitngs which include the shows, A.M. Detroit, Detroit Today and Match Game '73.