October 23, 2009: Soupy Sales 1926-2009

There are 19 additions today from January and February 1973. The channel 2 gallery has one for The Evil Touch with Darren McGavin and four more for the movies, "Ten Little Indians," "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes," "Beachhead" and "Inside Daisy Clover" (Natalie Wood). The channel 7 gallery has one for The Parent Game and five more for The 4:30 Movie, one of those, also with Natalie Wood ("This Property is Condemned"). The others are "One-Eyed Jacks," "Last Train From Gun Hill," "Major Dundee" and one for Jerry Lewis Week movies, "Don't Give Up the Ship" and "Visit to a Small Planet." The channel 11 gallery has one for Police Surgeon with Sam Groom (and othe 7-8PM shows). The channel 50 gallery has one for The Lawrence Welk Show, one for The 30th Annual Golden Globe Awards and one for Sunday night shows, The Mancini Generation, Stand Up and Cheer and The Golddiggers and the channel 50 Movie Gallery has one for Bill Kennedy at the Movies ("Big Jim McLain"). The ABC gallery has one for Thursday night shows Kung Fu and The Streets of San Francisco and the Random Pages Gallery has a Doan Report on the recent Vietnam cease fire announcement and on the 1/22/73 death of Lyndon Johnson. And finally, the Other Vintage Ads gallery has a PSA about using zip codes.

Also, I saw this morning that Soupy Sales died yesterday. He was 83. There are several ads here with Soupy: Entertainment Tonight; The Mike Douglas Show; Showtime; The New Soupy Sales Show; The Steve Allen Show; What's My Line?; another Mike Douglas Show and another What's My Line? You can also read more about him here.