October 13, 2009: Winter Sports

There are 21 additions today from December 1971 - February 1972. There are several sports-related ads today including (in the channel 2 gallery) one for the 12/21/71 Pistons-Bulls game and another one for the 1/15/72 Joe Frazier-Terry Daniels World Heavyweight Championship fight and the next day's Superbowl on CBS. The channel 24 gallery has another ad for the Frazier-Daniels fight, too. And there's one for the 12/29/71 Red Wings Hockey contest (Red Wings at Buffalo Sabers) in the channel 50 gallery. Also in the channel 2 gallery you'll find two National Geographic Special ads, two for Name of the Game, one for The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, one for The Don Rickles Show, one for The Mike Douglas Show (with co-host Totie Fields), and two more for the movies, "The Shuttered Room" and "Fate is the Hunter." The channel 4 gallery has one for The Hollywood Squares and the channel 7 gallery has two for the movies, "The Misfits" and "Our Man Flint." The channel 9 gallery has one for The David Frost Revue. The channel 50 gallery has two more for Star Trek (at 10:30) and the channel 50 movie gallery has another one for Bill Kennedy Primetime Showtime ("The Story of Will Rogers").