October 12, 2009: Starring Frank Sinatra

There are 20 additions today from November and December 1971. There are ads for two ABC Movies of the Week in the ABC gallery. One is for "Duel," directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Dennis Weaver and the other is for "Brian's Song,"  directed by Buzz Kulik and starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams. The channel 2 gallery has an ad for two Frank Sinatra movies, "Assault on a Queen" and "The Joker is Wild." The channel 7 gallery has four additions for the movies, "4 For Texas" with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, "A Hole in the Head" with Frank Sinatra and Edward G. Robinson, "Quo Vadis" and "Period of Adjustment" with Jane Fonda. The channel 9 gallery has another one for I Dream of Jeannie and one for three Sunday evening series, It Takes a Thief, This is Tom Jones and The Saint. There's one new ad in the channel 11 gallery for "PT 109" starring Cliff Robertson (on The Big Show). The channel 24 gallery has another one for The Galloping Gourmet (Graham Kerr), one for Love American Style which ABC showed at 4PM, one for the holiday special Puss 'n' Boots and one for the This is Tom Jones Christmas special. The channel 50 gallery has another one for The Lou Gordon Program and another one for Red Wings Hockey. There are also two more Bill Kennedy Primetime Showtime ads in the channel 50 movie gallery, one for "Mr. Roberts" and one for "Bells of St. Mary's." The Other Vintage Ads gallery has a Burger Chef ad and the Random Pages gallery has two TV Guide pages for 11/24/71. Lamont McLoughlin & Joe Ashton were doing the midday news on channel 11 and June Miller & Jim Rudes were on channel 13. 13 also had Gilligan's Island, Hogan's Heroes and Perry Mason from 4 to 6PM; 24 had Star Trek and The Rifleman; 9 showed Flipper, Get Smart, The Flying Nun, Dick Van Dyke and I Dream of Jeannie; 4 had Daniel Boone and The George Pierrot Show; 50 had The Three Stooges and Lost in Space. Soaps included Love of Life, Search  for Tomorrow, Secret Storm, Another World, The Doctors, Bright Promise, Somerset and Edge of Night.