October 10, 2009: Primetime Showtime

There are 20 additions today from August-October 1971. The channel 2 gallery has four additions for Truth or Consequences, Stump the Stars, The Mike Douglas Show (Jim Backus) and one for a special documentary on drugs called 11:59--Last Minute to Choose. The fall of 1971 was when the prime-time access rule went into effect which meant that the networks lost 30 minutes of broadcast time every night. Channel 4 filled that time with several new syndicated shows and in the channel 4 gallery you'll find ads for The Golddiggers, Primus, Circus, The NFL Game of the Week and Monty Nash. There's also one for Here Come the Brides which aired on Saturday nights. The channel 9 gallery has one for This is Tom Jones and the channel 24 gallery has another one for Alias Smith and Jones. The channel 50 gallery has one for the premiere of Soul Train and there are three Bill Kennedy Primetime Showtime ads for the movies "The Bad and the Beautiful," "Pat and Mike" and "Dallas" in the channel 50 movie gallery. There's an ad for the fourth season premiere of The Mod Squad and one for The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau: The Unsinkable Sea Otter in the ABC gallery. The NBC gallery has one for the premiere of McMillan and Wife and there's an ad for a Westclox Detroit Tigers Team- Mate clock in the Other Vintage Ads gallery. Coming up: more from the fall of '71... Don't forget, you can use the search button at the top of the page to find what you're looking for.